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Our history

In the heart of the Mendoza Region of Argentina, a passionate vision took shape in 2009 when American Chris Paulk purchased 19 acres of land after a long search that ended in the perfect place to carry out his dream: to create limited world-class wines that captured the unique essence of the terroir of this special land.

With dedication and care, he planted three Malbec vine clones and a single Cabernet Sauvignon clone. His commitment was clear: Honor the Argentine wine tradition and offer the world wines that radiate the authenticity of the land where it was born.

The fruit of years of passion and perseverance materialized in 2013 when he bottled his first wine, named “EpsilonCru” in honor of the fifth star that shines in the constellation of the southern cross. From that moment, his wine project continued to evolve, and in 2017 he created two additional labels; Paper Boat and Eratos. Each one of them, a unique reflection of the land that saw them flourish.

Today, the three wines, the fruit of hard work and passion, are launched into the world to delight the palates of those lucky enough to discover them. Its availability is limited, but its quality is exceptional. Those lucky enough to have the opportunity to taste them will experience a sensory journey through the hills of Mendoza, the peaks of the Andes and the sun drenching the soil that nurtures these exquisite grapes.


EpsilonCru reserve

Our star wine, EpsilonCru, is a limited production wine. Aged for almost 2 years in 100% French oak barrels from a single vineyard block.

Paper Boat Torrontes

Paper Boat wines are wines distinguished by their flavors from the terroir and their freshness. In this wine, made from 100% Torrontes grapes, we seek to preserve acidity and freshness, so it is not subjected to aging.

Paper Boat Malbec

It is a young Malbec, from "El Usillal" area, raised with French oak staves for 6 months. Fruity profile with notes of chocolate and toast, intense red color, bright, very aromatic. Excellent to accompany roasted red meats and stews.

Eratos Blend

Eratos is a wine with greater structure and complexity than other wines in its range. With Malbec and Merlot making up its backbone with a hint of Syrah, the smooth yet jam-like texture and approachable palate of red and black fruit complements the meal beautifully.

Eratos Torrontes

A crisp, young, easy-drinking white wine that is ideal with seafood, chicken, and spicy dishes.


Our sparkling wine, produced by the charmat method, is made up of Chenin, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Excellent quality of bubbles that pleases the sensory.

Three different labels, each one a universe in itself, embrace both red and white varietals, each with its own oenological story.


How we work?

Harvesting is a labor of love, done in late summer when grapes reach their peak of ripeness. The Argentine winemaker Maxi Goulu oversees the process, ensuring that each grape is selected with the utmost care, thus guaranteeing a perfect balance of acidity, alcohol, flavor and aroma in every drop of wine.

In each sip of EpsilonCru, Paper Boat, and Eratos, the magic of Mendoza unfolds. Each wine is a unique expression of the land, an invitation to travel through the senses and experience the passion that flows from the vineyard to the glass.

Enjoying these wines is immersing yourself in the story that each bottle tells and toasting the passion of those who made it possible.

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